MFB Bonomi - About us

MFB Bonomi is a leading company operating worldwide in the field of forged and cast machined components made of brass and other non-ferrous metals.

The key objective of MFB Bonomi is the customer satisfaction by means of extreme specialization in its own production field: the company made a strategic choice to focus its own activities in hot forging and machining of components.

It has grown steadily over the years both in terms of quality standards and number of components being produced and delivered and produced.


Research and Development

01. Research and Development

Feasibility and enlightening studies on the components, carried out in collaboration with customers (co-engineering), are one of the most important plus points that MFB offer to its partners.

02. Hot forging and casting

After the complete development of required tools, MFB can produce hot forged, cast, die cast, gravity cast blanks ready for the machining phase.


03. Machining

The high-tech mechanical department allows MFB to support its customers with reliable and precise products. Every product is 100% made in Italy.


04. Surface Treatments

MFB is able to offer a large variety of surface treatments before and after the machining phase, according to customers’ requests.

05. Testing and Assembly

MFB completes the service with advanced machines able to provide pressure tests, laser marking on finished products and partial or total assembly of the goods.


06. Logistic & Customer Care

Thanks to a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) System MFB Bonomi guarantees on time deliveries according to customer requirements


MFB method is the main feature which differentiates us from the competition:

We offer to customers the FREE SERVICE of our R&D Department, specialized in the optimization of the metal components (both new projects or existing products)

The aim is reducing machining times and weight of the components to lower costs without changing product’s characteristics

Many times a co-engineering activity is required

If the optimization is reached, we obtain two results → savings for our clients and new items to be produced by MFB