1972 –  MFB Bonomi foundation. Thanks to the increase in the sales volumes, the production process was brought “in-house” and MFB Bonomi began to focus its attention on forged and cast components.

1989 –  MFB Bonomi acquired an additional production area.

1992 – Production start of various parts in the rail and electric field (historical fields of the family Bonomi).

1999 – Acquisition of an additional production area and automatic machines for the machining of water meter fittings. MFB Bonomi obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001.

2000 – Was the year of the first technological breakthrough with the introduction of special new machines and the office for Research & Development. Continuing this pattern, MFB became manufacturer of the complete range of components, supporting his clients in all the activities: from certification to installation of the various components.

2001 – Update of Certification ISO EN 9001 vision 2000. Expansion of the sales office and the assignment of different functions within the company with design, programming, pre-setting tools, technical and post-sale clients services. MFB also started exporting to foreign countries outside Europe.

2004 – Another boost to the production capacity was the introduction of a special new robotic machine. An area with logistic function was also added.

2006 – To face growing production requirements, MFB acquired a new and more complex special machine, fully robotized which was included in its production line.

2007 – The necessity of facing new production needs on large sized pieces and limited batched, led to the purchase of a palletized working center ISO 50.

2008 – The production and clientele expansion allowed MFB to invest in new industrial structure purchasing a new shade of approx. 7000 m2. In this way, a wide company restructuring enabled the creation of definitive areas for the logistics and production services. Whole production is managed through a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) System directly connected to the machines.

2009 – Confirmation of the certification ISO EN 9001-2008 by DEKRA.

2010 – Trade expansion to face the need of becoming an important presence abroad and to give a boost to research and diversification activity. Participation at international events of the sector and addressing new markets became part of the program.

2011 – Sales development and turnover increase allowed for the purchasing of new special machines in order to confront the many production requirements.

2018 – Introduction of an SPC (Statistical Process Control) System in Quality Department

2019 – MFB Bonomi starts the process to get the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001. Introduction of “new generation” machines to support the increase in production volumes.

2022 – MFB obtains environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001. Expansion of the production department with advanced machinery.

New markets that have been acquired in the meantime and the constant worldwide development in the water meters field, allowed for planning further steps forward in the globalized presence of MFB in the world.


MFB method is the main feature which differentiates us from the competition:

We offer to customers the FREE SERVICE of our R&D Department, specialized in the optimization of the metal components (both new projects or existing products)

The aim is reducing machining times and weight of the components to lower costs without changing product’s characteristics

Many times a co-engineering activity is required

If the optimization is reached, we obtain two results → savings for our clients and new items to be produced by MFB